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Reimplantation is the surgical reattachment of a body part. Reimplantation of amputated parts has been performed on fingers, hands, forearms, arms, toes, feet, legs, ears, avulsed scalp injuries and part of face.


Revascularization is the restoration of the blood circulation of an organ or area, achieved by unblocking obstructed or disrupted blood vessels or by surgically implanting replacements.

Free tissue transfer from one part of body to other

Tissue transfers provide a means for reconstructive surgeons to repair parts of the body, restoring appearance and in many cases function and feeling.

Finger /thumb formation by toes

Toe to hand transfer is one of several treatment options for conditions where the hand has short or missing fingers. It is a complex operation used to reconstruct the hand when fingers are missing. The transferred toe can either act as a thumb or allow the thumb to have something to pinch against.

penile reconstruction by free flaps

Penile reconstruction surgery is performed mainly as a radical treatment for conditions associated with congenital abnormalities of the urethra or penis and other conditions such as penile trauma, penile cancer, short penis, corporal fibrosis, in cases of gender reassignment and also in patients having undergone penile enlargement operations by other physicians resulting in cosmetic and functional deformities.

gender reassignment or re- assassination

 Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) is also known as gender reassignment surgery (GRS), genital reassignment surgery, gender confirming surgery or simply a sex change operation. SRS is often the final stage in the physical transitioning for a male to female (MTF) or female to male (FTM) transsexual. SRS is a surgical procedure that entails removing the genitalia of one sex and constructing the genitals of the opposite sex. The procedure has very high rates of success when it is performed by responsible and experienced surgeons. However with current surgical technology male to female individuals usually are more satisfied with their results than female to male.