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Bed sore.. Reconstruction gone good!

Bed sore comes in all shapes and size.. So are the problems associated with them. Its always good to

Breast reduction, less of Cosmetic treatment.. And more of a FUNCTIONAL correction! Imagine the woma

We are ready with latest of lasers

We are pleased to announce the initiation of Laser treatment facilities at our center! We are ready

Lip Augmentation or reduction!.. Look kissable again!

Lip jobs…. Augmentation /reduction /reshaping! All in a days job.. And you are back to selfie

Foot drop… Treatment par excellence!!

Big problem! Due to injury on nerve below knee.. Associated with bone fractures! We deal with the pr

Best Rhinoplasty.. Best Results!

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty or Septo rhinoplasty is art in its! Mostly many would be doing it, but with out

Aging is inevitable…staying beautiful is a choice!!

There is a way to grow ,that’s known as growing with grace!! Aging can not be prevented,though

Ear Reconstruction….!

Ear Reconstruction ..It’s art par excellence!Not a cup of tea of an average plastic surgeon.It

Pollisalization….We started doing it yrs back!

The surgery of transferring index finger in place of thumb ,is technically demanding surgery,as thum

Cosmetic surgery for instant results..And magical too!!!

There has been falsifications of truth on breast augmentation/shoping!People do believe in short cut

Gynecomastia @Life aesthetics

Boy having female like chest!!…Big problem! He is not able to go to swim,not able to go to gym

Breast Surgeries :You have every right to have a beautiful pair

Dear readers, Hello! This is all about pair of beauties which makes you what you are!Women’s d

Rhinoplasty:An Art ,Relearned!

Dear Readers, This certainly lay emphasis on the need of the time to learn the fine art of Rhinoplas

Welcome Note from M.D

Dear People, It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the introductory note of “Doct


A teenager can see his own face for the first time in more than 10 years after kind strangers paid f

What do Tummy Tuck Scars look like?

Many patients are afraid of getting a Tummy Tuck because of the scars. But patients should not be af